Our Canteen operates five days a week, providing lunches, drinks and snacks.  We follow a very high standard of hygiene and provide a variety of healthy foods.  Our prices are kept at a reasonable level as a service to the students, but we do not compromise on quality. The Canteen operates each day at 11:00 am for lunch one and then from 1:30 pm for lunch two, with our menu being updated regularly throughout the year.

Click here for our current menu: 2024 Pete's Eats Menu

On behalf of the staff and students, we would like to issue a special invitation to parents and family members to become a volunteer at the Canteen. 

Our Canteen Coordinator organises the food roster and will be at the Canteen every morning to greet and help you.  You will enjoy your time spent with us, your child will love to see you, and the rest of us will really appreciate it also! If you are new to our school, have never helped out before, or have been helping for years and want to come and help again, please fill out the online form via the link below or contact the school office, and our Canteen Coordinator will be in touch with you. 

Click here to Volunteer in the Canteen.

There is an online Canteen ordering facility, which can be accessed through the link below:
(the link connects to the Flexischools website).  

Lunch orders are available daily. Please click here to see our Canteen Lunch Order process.

Online orders need to be submitted by 8:30 am- it's so easy!!

  1. Download the Flexischools app from the App Store or from Google Play.
    Note: for iPhone and iPad, please select the ‘Allow’ notification.
  2. Click 'Register Now' to create an account.
  3. Top up your balance.
  4. Start ordering immediately.

Alternatively, Go to Our current menu is available on the Flexischools site for your convenience.

Click here for FlexiSchools – Online Lunch Orders