Welcome to
St Peter's Primary School


Welcome to St Peter's Primary School

St Peter’s Primary School is where Catholic faith, tradition and a love of learning are nurtured and fostered in our students. Our learning community is a respectful and safe environment where students can engage and reflect on the teachings of Jesus. 

We believe in exposing our students to new and diverse learning opportunities where they have the freedom to grow and mature into self-motivated, self-confident and self-reflective individuals guided by our dynamic staff. We acknowledge the importance of parent partnership and empower our families to be actively involved in school life and work with us to ensure the best educational outcomes for their children. 

Our staff are dedicated to knowing each student in order to provide them with purposeful, personalised and rich learning opportunities, enabling all students to experience the fullness of life.

    Parent Testimonials

    'We walked into St Peter's Primary and knew immediately that the school was for our girl. Skyler commenced midterm this June in Year 3. The students, teachers, and the principal have been extremely welcoming and inclusive. She absolutely loves going to school and has already made some great friendships. Moving to a new school mid-term is never easy, and her transition into St Peter's has been seamless.

    She is already thriving, and we see more confidence in her daily. We could not have made a better decision, and we look forward to seeing her thrive in one of the best school communities I have come across.

    Kudos to the teachers who are doing such a wonderful job. We feel blessed and are very grateful.' - Fernandes family

    Fernandes family - parents and child
    Fono family - mother and children

    ''We are truly fortunate to be part of St Peter's Primary School's community - a safe place where staff selflessly cultivate a love for learning, holistic student support, academic excellence and unwavering Christian values that profoundly shape our children's development.

    Since day one, our children have felt welcomed, valued and engaged, and the two-way parent-teacher communication has been the cornerstone to enabling our active contribution to our children's positive experience.

    We are mostly grateful for the pivotal role that our school has played in nurturing and empowering our children to lovingly steward the gifts with which God has blessed them. Thank you, St Peter's Primary School.'' - Fono family.

    'Our family has been a part of the St Peter's community for seven years, and we value the opportunities our children have to learn and achieve in a supportive environment that fosters faith, individuality and independence.

    The teachers at St Peter's go above and beyond in their genuine care and respect for the students, building authentic working relationships and fostering collaborative partnerships with parents.

    Each day, my kids are greeted warmly at the gate by teachers, ensuring their day at St Peter's always begins with a welcoming smile. We are proud to be a part of the St Peter's family.' - Blackman family

    Blackman family - mother and children

    Acknowledgement of Country. We acknowledge the Birpai people, the traditional custodians of the lands on which our school resides. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging, for they hold the memories, the traditions and the culture of the Birpai peoples.